Operating Procedures

Baseball Procedures

1.  All games will be 9 innings, except doubleheaders which will be two 7 inning games.

2.  Typical baseball rules apply in regards to game suspensions and completions due to weather.  The team losing must hit 5 times for a game to be complete.  If tied after that point, the game will be considered halted and resumed at a later date.  If the game was suspended before that point, the game will be considered a rainout.

3. Rainouts will not be made up.

4.  Playoffs TBD

5.  Playoffs will be single game elimination.

6.  Any wood or composite bat is allowed.

7.  All players on the field of play must be in uniform or an accepted jacket.

8.  After 11:59 PM July 10, rosters are frozen and only in the case of an extreme emergency will exceptions be made to add a player (by the commissioner).

9.  Eligible players must be enrolled in a college or university.  Players finishing their high school senior year are eligible as are graduating college seniors. 



Payment Information

1. To secure a spot in the TCBL all payments must be adhered to according to the payment schedule.  If payments are not maintained, the TCBL has the right to replace the player with an alternate player and no refund will be issued.

2.  There are no refunds offered.

3.   To help offset the cost of the league, players will also recieve an amount of $20 raffle tickets equal to their payments to sell which have great prizes.  The players KEEP the money for the tickets they sell and just turn in the stubs.  In essence if they sell them all, they would be basically playing and living for free



1. There is no housing in this league.  All players should be from the Upstate New York region.



1. Helmets, balls, etc will all be provided by the TCBL.

2.  Composite wood bats will be provided to each team.  Players are welcome to bring their own composite or wood bats as well.  

3.  Each player will be issued 2 sets of jerseys, a pair of pants, socks, a hat, and a belt.  



1.  All games will have live stats and live video feedss.  

2.  Updated statistics will be available on the TCBL website.

3.  NCAA rules will apply to all games.

4.  Batting practice and infield/outfield will be available for most pre-games.

5.  Tobacco of any kind is not allowed per NCAA rules.